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Monday, March 15, 2010

Maternity Pictures

Denise was in town this weekend throwing me the most AMAZING baby shower!! While she was here, we did a few maternity pictures. Well, a "few"... okay we took 303 pictures and worked it down to a whopping 26 of our faves ;)
Its hard for me to pick my absolute favorites... but I cant put all 26 on here!

If you like them, and are interested in a shoot of your own... don't forget about Digitals by D. Check it out!!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

digitals by d

My BESTEST FRIEND in the whole wide world now has her own blog!! Denise has been taking pictures of me and my family for a while now. She has really gotten into the whole photography thing and is taking classes and trying to start her own little business. I am SOOOOOOOOOO proud of her and all her accomplishments. She is one of the those people who can build anything out of wood (with power tools), come up with the cutest crafts, can decorate any room worthy of any famous designer and can now take beautiful pictures too. Gosh.... I hate those kind of people (really....Im just jealous!) :)

Here are just SOME of my favorite pictures that she has taken:

*Check out "digitals by d" to see some of her work. If you are interested in a shoot, just holler at her :)

32 weeks

I had my 32 week appt today. We listened to the heartbeat (which I seriously could do every day!) and just chatted with the Doctor for a little while. He is such a nice guy! We are still due April 26 so if everything goes as planned, we will be doing my cesarean on April 20!!!
Anyway, here is a little belly shot of me at work this week :)

Comfort Food

I was looking at my friend's (The Lockers) blog and she has this neat-o linky for a Recipe Swap. So I decided to get out the recipe we use weekly at my house and it happens to be a favorite recipe from when I was a kid.

Simply Modern Mom is trying to come up with 365 over-used recipes in a WEEK! So I thought I would post Granny Pat's *Salmon Patties* :)

We eat these things on a pretty darn regular basis...my comfort foods. And it seems Danny always knows when to make them. We either eat them with mac-n-cheese or mashed taters (sometimes both)!

Granny Pat's Salmon Patties
1/2 c corn meal
1/2 c flour
1 egg
1 can of salmon
(We de-bone ours but its really okay to leave them in there!)
A little milk

1. Mix all ingredients together. If the batter is super dry, add a little milk.
You don't want it soupy at all.
2. Make into patties. (Granny Pat always made little ones about a Tablespoon big -- Danny makes about 4 big ones )
3. Fry in hot oil until they are nice and golden all over.

We LOVE ketchup on ours :)