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Sunday, February 21, 2010


I know its been AWHILE since I've posted, but its been SUPER busy around here. Of course, we are always chasing around our 3.5 year old but we've also been working on the house getting ready for the baby. We are putting the nursery in the guest bedroom so had to move our guest bedroom to our green room. That took some time just getting to where we could walk into the green room, much less putting a bed in there! So we've been working a little at a time... moving things around, getting Gavin's old things out of storage for Garrett, painting, putting the crib together, etc.

This weekend, Denise and my mom came into town and we hit the nursery hard. I really wanted to get the majority of it finished. AND WE DID!!! We still have to put up the border around the ceiling and move the changing table in - and I might do another little mural above the changing table - but other than that, the main mural is done! And its GORGEOUS! I cannot imagine it turning out any better.

(These pictures DO NOT do it justice, they were taken with my phone - but you get the jist of it)

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Jill Holamon said...

This is the cutest thing I've ever seen!