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Sunday, February 21, 2010

30 weeks

Wow.....I can't believe we are already 30 weeks into this pregnancy! Time has been flying by!
In 2 short little months, we will get to meet our little babe. The one that is in constant movement inside my tummy. The one that has the hiccups at least 3 times a day - sometimes 4. The one that Gavin is already totally in love with and can't wait to meet. The one that Danny & I are already totally in love with and can't wait to meet! 10 more weeks...wow!

Friday, I had my 30 week checkup. I got the results from my sugar tests (which all turned out good), and we got to see the baby on the sonogram. My mom, Danny, Gavin and me were all there and could hardly contain our excitement. Gavin LOVES hearing his little heartbeat... he must've asked the Dr at least 5 times to hear it. The rest of us are just nothing short of amazed to see him move and kick and just be Garrett. The Dr checked all his little organs and limbs and said everything looked great. He was not participating in the sonogram however and mostly slept. He is still all folded up in there with his knees and feet right in his face. We did the 3D sonogram but only got a few good pictures because of his position. It really just hurts my feelings that he is so cramped up in there - I feel so bad. He cannot be comfortable!!!

His little face

Squishing his nose

His hand in front of his face

His foot
(with his head behind it)


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