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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Michael Jackson - This Is It

This past Saturday, my Momma and I went to see the Michael Jackson movie "This Is It". It was basically a bunch of his rehearsals and practices getting ready for the upcoming concert series. IT. WAS. AWESOME. Every one of our favorite songs... getting to see them performed on stage. It made me SOOOOO sad that I will never get the chance to see him in concert now. At least before he died, there was that little bit of hope. I can only imagine what the real concert would've looked like because the freakin rehearsals were AWESOME! He is such an amazing performer and dancer and all those people that dance and sing with him are too.... geesh. Im just still so sad that he's gone. Anyway - I took pictures during the movie :) Even videotaped "Thriller". OMG - it rocked!

Smooth Criminal:
(breaking through a glass :)

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