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Friday, November 13, 2009

16 Weeks

Today was my 16-week doctor appt. It was a very basic appt. I did get to hear the heartbeat again (which was AWESOME) but other than that: I have gained another 3 pounds (GEESH), had my blood drawn for the chromosomal testing, and scheduled my next appt for the sonogram. I won't know my results for the testing for about a week but as soon as I do, I will let yall know. Please keep your fingers crossed and prayers headed this way that the baby is healthy. Then the next appt is Dec 10 - we will check the bones and spine and heart and see if it's a he or a she :)
*I recorded the heartbeat on my phone and I've tried to post it on here but I just have NO IDEA how to do that. So if you want to hear it, just let me know and I can either text it or email it to you. It's very fast and loud... my BFF asked if I was pregnant with Clydesdale horses ;)

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