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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Name Game ~ Part 2

Since we will naming another human being soon, of course I've been studying all the names that come across my desk to see if something just "pops" out at me. When one does, I usually text Danny and see what he thinks of the name. So we -kinda- have a list going. Anyway, not sure if you remember the Name Game (part 1) but if you don't you can click HERE.
These are some names we will definitely NOT be naming our child (mainly because we can't even pronounce most of them LOL)!

* Jonethia, Timieka, Takeyla, Tyrandra
* Takorriane, Shunterika
* Shanaldolyn, Shunneolyn, Shanndolyn
* Tursheicia, Nyshyquitra, Kyquanita
* Mom: Veronica Kids: Uronica, Tyronica, Sharonica
* Turquandra, Shaquandra
* Shaquala, Chel'C, Chassa'D
* Mardrexquis, Marlexciya, Marderz, Markhel (this is my favorite!)

* Shaquannata
* Teyaka Kenya
* Dunaskay Carmiche'leon
* Jaimarkuz
* Shantawique

Any of them your favorites???

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Bec said...

Oh my gosh! I read some of the names before I read your post and I thought surely you weren't going to name your kid any of those! Haha - guess that's what I get for not reading, huh? As an educator, let me tell you how frustrating it is to have students whose names you can't figure out for anything!