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Sunday, September 6, 2009

7 weeks

We have made it to the 7 week mark. For some odd reason, this is my safety net. Maybe because I didn't find out I was pregnant with Gavin until the 7th week, maybe because 7 is a universal lucky number, maybe.... really I have no clue! But we've made it. And I am super excited! Mainly, because Friday marks 8 weeks and we have our first doctor appt and sonogram scheduled. I can't wait to see that little blueberry sized baby image on the screen - then it will be all so much more REAL to me. Also, will confirm what I am hoping is only ONE baby in there.... (some of the girls at work are convinced I am having twins... my boss, neighbor Keith, and Danny's uncle Jack for some reason think I am having triplets!!!)
As for how everyone is doing:
* Gavin is still super excited! He keeps telling everyone that he is going to be a Big Brother. He says he wants a little sister one day, a little brother the next day, and then some days he wants one of each (2 of them - he says!).
* Danny has finally convinced himself that we are not getting any younger and this is indeed the time to go ahead and have another baby! Good thing (since we were actually trying to get pregnant!!) But he's really excited.
* As for me, I'm sick. Sick. Sick. I have yet to actually throw-up but I am in a constant state of nausea. I wasn't like this with Gavin so this is very different for me. Hopefully it won't last much longer. I do not handle being sick well. AT. ALL.
Well stay tuned and I will keep you posted as to how things are going. Hope you and yours are doing well. Please keep your prayers headed this way... we can sure use them!

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