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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Rangers 15, Rays 3

Our seats rocked! Right behind Home Plate!
We dodged foul balls all night :)

Pudge at bat

Fireworks for Homers....

Random Pictures

View from our hotel.
Right next door to Six Flags :)

The Gang at Humperdinks

Cowboys Stadium Tour

The Massive Screen above the field.
Cost $40 million!
The entire Texas Stadium cost $35 million
to build in 1971 :)

Waiting for the tour....

The 50 yard line and the Star!

Dr Pepper party pass area

Cotton Bowl room


Gig'em Aggies!!!

This is where the Cowboys enter the field.
Even the visitor side has this big flashing star :)

Jerry Jones private elevator to his suites.

Go Cowboys!

Tom Landry
"The Legend"

Awesome Weekend!!

This weekend we had tickets for the Rangers Game Saturday night. So we got up Saturday morning, dropped off Gavin with Carrie and headed to Arlington. We met John and Christy at the hotel, checked in and headed out for our day of fun! First stop was Humperdinks Sports Bar & Grill. We all split a HUGE plate of fried cheese, loaded nachos, torpedos (stuffed fried jalapenos), tater skins and chips n queso.
After much munching, we headed down to the brand new Dallas Cowboys Stadium. OMG that thing is awesome!!! We stood in line for about an hour for tour tickets, then had to wait an hour and a half in line for our tour. They finally took us in and sat us in the stands until our time. 45 minutes later, our 2 tour guides showed up to get us. The whole tour lasted about an hour and a half! We got to see the ground crew lay some of the turf... including the 50 yard line and the star!!! We saw the press room, a private suite, the Cotton Bowl room, where the Cowboys walk out to the field, the private club that the player's family and friends hang out during the game, and the best part - the Cowboys Locker Room!!! Of course, Danny and John's highlight was the Stephen McGee locker (he was the Aggie quarterback last year). We had a blast! LOTS of walking but we had sooooooooo much fun! That was worth the whole trip right there :)
BUT there was more....
After the Cowboys tour, we went back to the hotel to change clothes and freshen up. About 30 minutes later, we were in our seats behind Home Plate watching the Rangers game. And what an awesome game it was!!! We saw a couple home runs but the 5th inning was worth the whole game. 3 home runs and a GRAND SLAM!!! That was awesome!!!
After the game, we went back over to Humperdinks for some dinner. Then back to the hotel for some zzzzzzzzzzzzzz's.
We had an amazing weekend! We are so glad that John and Christy joined us :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Name Game ~ Part 2

Since we will naming another human being soon, of course I've been studying all the names that come across my desk to see if something just "pops" out at me. When one does, I usually text Danny and see what he thinks of the name. So we -kinda- have a list going. Anyway, not sure if you remember the Name Game (part 1) but if you don't you can click HERE.
These are some names we will definitely NOT be naming our child (mainly because we can't even pronounce most of them LOL)!

* Jonethia, Timieka, Takeyla, Tyrandra
* Takorriane, Shunterika
* Shanaldolyn, Shunneolyn, Shanndolyn
* Tursheicia, Nyshyquitra, Kyquanita
* Mom: Veronica Kids: Uronica, Tyronica, Sharonica
* Turquandra, Shaquandra
* Shaquala, Chel'C, Chassa'D
* Mardrexquis, Marlexciya, Marderz, Markhel (this is my favorite!)

* Shaquannata
* Teyaka Kenya
* Dunaskay Carmiche'leon
* Jaimarkuz
* Shantawique

Any of them your favorites???

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Gavin did this at school yesterday. His teacher was SOOOOOOOO proud of him!!! She said he is doing really great for his age and thinks he is super smart! (Too smart for his britches is what I say :)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Littlest Burchett

We had our first doctor appointment on Friday Sept 11. We talked to the doctor and he did the first sonogram. He determined that I am 7.5 weeks (about a week less than he thought I would be) and I am officially due April 26, 2010. He said that we would schedule the c-section for about a week before the due date. I will have an appointment every month with our next big appointment being at the 5 month mark. We will do the sonogram and try to figure out if its a boy or girl :)

We got to see and listen to the heartbeat.

164 beats per minute

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Family Fotos 9/09

Denise came over and took some family pictures this past weekend. She always does an amazing job (given the subjects she has anyway :)
I have a few more... I will post those another day!