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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Spongebob SquareParty

Gavin is 3!!!! yay :) For his birthday we had a Spongebob theme.... complete with a big water slide, a small pool and LOTS to eat. Danny made hotdogs and crabby patties, we had goldfish crackers, Mr Crab Fruit Punch, Gary Grape kool-aid, and Patrick Star Pink Lemonade.

Denise has to start every party out by letting go
of a balloon... not intentionally of course :)
She is no longer in charge of the balloons!!!

This was the COOLEST cake EVER!!!
Thanks to Leigh at "Taste of Heaven Bakery" in Bangs :)

I have LOADS more party pictures that are floating around on other people's cameras.... once I get those I will post them.

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