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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Brownwood Rodeo

I LOVE this picture!
Awwwww.... aren't we cute!!!

My cousins ~ Heather and Calder

Ella Grace
(you can check out her Momma's blog

Seems bored doesn't he?!?!
He really wasnt.... he LOVED the rodeo!
Every 5 seconds, he asked to ride a horse.

Caden and Keith

Caden and Gav

Lizzy and me

Lizzy and Caden

The Kids... Caden, Gavin and Ella

We had a great time! The only meltdown Gavin had was when the
rodeo clown came out and he had fireworks and stuff on his clown car. Gavin
FLIPPED out when the clown got back in his car.... he was so worried
the clown would get burned!
He was unconsolable.... a crying mess!!!
All was okay after the clown finally went away :)
He loved the rodeo!

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