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Sunday, August 23, 2009


While I was at work, Danny managed to shave my child's head. Yes, shaved his beautiful hair that I loved to run my fingers through. Now, he's bald. I almost cried.....
I am getting used to it, and starting to think it looks better. I know he's got to be a whole lot cooler. But oh how I miss his hair.

Homegrown maters


Dan's feet

Danny has had trouble with his feet since we got together back in 19-ot-94. Well we finally took him to a pediatrist and here is what they came up with.... MAJOR bone spurs and bursitis. One on each foot! Only thing to do for them is surgery. That means he will have to be off his feet for 6 weeks... needlesstosay - he wont do it. I guess unless they just get to where he absolutely cant stand it anymore. But after looking at this... Owwwwwwiee!!!

Cool Down

In the middle of the summer, our air conditioner went out. Tough/Hot times. So while Danny and Ken were working on the a/c, me & Momma Bien were debating about putting Gav in the bathtub. We decided it was WAY too hot in the house, so Momma Bien just loaded up the plastic tub with water & bubbles and TAH-DAH... outside bath :) Gavin loved it!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Brownwood Rodeo

I LOVE this picture!
Awwwww.... aren't we cute!!!

My cousins ~ Heather and Calder

Ella Grace
(you can check out her Momma's blog

Seems bored doesn't he?!?!
He really wasnt.... he LOVED the rodeo!
Every 5 seconds, he asked to ride a horse.

Caden and Keith

Caden and Gav

Lizzy and me

Lizzy and Caden

The Kids... Caden, Gavin and Ella

We had a great time! The only meltdown Gavin had was when the
rodeo clown came out and he had fireworks and stuff on his clown car. Gavin
FLIPPED out when the clown got back in his car.... he was so worried
the clown would get burned!
He was unconsolable.... a crying mess!!!
All was okay after the clown finally went away :)
He loved the rodeo!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Brownwood Rodeo Parade

Skyler, Dustin, JaKobie, Me and Gav, and Dominique

Gav patiently waiting

He was sooooooo excited when Campbell showed up!


Alex and Corbin

I think this was the little kid's FAVE... I know it was Gav's.

He had so much fun!
(And he's asked to go to another parade nearly
every day since!!!)

Spongebob SquareParty

Gavin is 3!!!! yay :) For his birthday we had a Spongebob theme.... complete with a big water slide, a small pool and LOTS to eat. Danny made hotdogs and crabby patties, we had goldfish crackers, Mr Crab Fruit Punch, Gary Grape kool-aid, and Patrick Star Pink Lemonade.

Denise has to start every party out by letting go
of a balloon... not intentionally of course :)
She is no longer in charge of the balloons!!!

This was the COOLEST cake EVER!!!
Thanks to Leigh at "Taste of Heaven Bakery" in Bangs :)

I have LOADS more party pictures that are floating around on other people's cameras.... once I get those I will post them.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Gavin's Birthday Party ~ at Daycare

Gavin's daycare had a little birthday party for him on Friday, July 17. We carried out our Spongebob theme that we had planned for our big party ~ complete with Patrick Star cookies and a Spongebob pinata!

Ms Kym ~ leading the Birthday song

Three spankings... OH and one to grow on!

Candies and toys everywhere

The teachers had the table set up so nicely

And of course, a special cupcake for
the Birthday Boy!!!

July 4th

For the 4th ~ we went out to the lake with our friends John & Christy. We had Gavin and they had their 2 kiddos ~ Cameron & Chloe. Christy's aunt has a really nice place on the water with a zero-edge pool. So we swam and ate and swam and ate and finally watched the fireworks once it got dark. We had so much fun!!! Thanks Christian family for inviting us :)