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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"Way to go, Dip"

.... is what my mother will say once she reads this post :)

I had two cases of head trauma this weekend... minor... but DANGIT they still hurt like crazy!! The first one occurred Friday afternoon. Danny & I went to pick up Gavin and then stopped by his work on the way home. Well they had the door propped open since it was nice outside. So, me being a little .... odd... decided to squeeze THROUGH the door instead of open it. Gavin did it so I just assumed I could too!!! BIG mistake. There is a dead bolt lock with a key inside it sticking out of the door right about my eyebrow level. My head found it :( I now have a small gash on my forehead right above my eyebrow! Freakin' hurt like crazy!!!!
Then Sunday was the second and worse one. We were putting in our new mailbox (its gorgeous by-the-way... stay tuned for pictures!!) and I was planting the flowers around it. After I was done, I just stood right up. Right into the mailbox. O.M.G.!!!! It almost knocked me to my knees and my eyeballs were FULL of tears!! Oh it hurt soooo bad. In fact, I am just now recovering from all my headaches resulting from these stinking traumas! Geesh!!!

Now, Momma, go ahead and say it....

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