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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Name Game

I load applications at a Life Insurance Company. Thats my job. So when the application comes in, I get to see it firsthand and go over it and load it into the computer. Most of our clients are lower (lower) to mid-class. Every now and then we get some rather.... ummm... unique names. Here are some that I have found. I'm really curious how these children ever learn to pronounce - much less - spell their own names!!! (Families are in parenthesis)

(Jonethia, Timieka, Takeyla, Tyranda), Takorriane, Shunterika,
(Shanealdolyn, Shunndolyn, Shanndolyn), (Tursheicia, Nyshyquitra, Kyquanita),
(Veronica, Uronica, Ty'ronica, Sha'ronica), Keirica, Chantaye

How crazy?!?!?
Once I find more... I will post 'em :)

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amberselk said...

LOL! that is awesome!