Families are like fudge - mostly sweet with a few nuts. ~Author Unknown

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"Way to go, Dip"

.... is what my mother will say once she reads this post :)

I had two cases of head trauma this weekend... minor... but DANGIT they still hurt like crazy!! The first one occurred Friday afternoon. Danny & I went to pick up Gavin and then stopped by his work on the way home. Well they had the door propped open since it was nice outside. So, me being a little .... odd... decided to squeeze THROUGH the door instead of open it. Gavin did it so I just assumed I could too!!! BIG mistake. There is a dead bolt lock with a key inside it sticking out of the door right about my eyebrow level. My head found it :( I now have a small gash on my forehead right above my eyebrow! Freakin' hurt like crazy!!!!
Then Sunday was the second and worse one. We were putting in our new mailbox (its gorgeous by-the-way... stay tuned for pictures!!) and I was planting the flowers around it. After I was done, I just stood right up. Right into the mailbox. O.M.G.!!!! It almost knocked me to my knees and my eyeballs were FULL of tears!! Oh it hurt soooo bad. In fact, I am just now recovering from all my headaches resulting from these stinking traumas! Geesh!!!

Now, Momma, go ahead and say it....

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Name Game

I load applications at a Life Insurance Company. Thats my job. So when the application comes in, I get to see it firsthand and go over it and load it into the computer. Most of our clients are lower (lower) to mid-class. Every now and then we get some rather.... ummm... unique names. Here are some that I have found. I'm really curious how these children ever learn to pronounce - much less - spell their own names!!! (Families are in parenthesis)

(Jonethia, Timieka, Takeyla, Tyranda), Takorriane, Shunterika,
(Shanealdolyn, Shunndolyn, Shanndolyn), (Tursheicia, Nyshyquitra, Kyquanita),
(Veronica, Uronica, Ty'ronica, Sha'ronica), Keirica, Chantaye

How crazy?!?!?
Once I find more... I will post 'em :)

First time Fishing

My family reunion was this past weekend and its right on Lake Brownwood. So Danny brought him & Gavin some little poles and Gavin got to fish for the first time! He had so much fun.... mainly throwing Daddy's bait in the water :) He was even asking to go fishing again on Sunday!
Casting... or reeling... hmmm :)

Me trying to help - not sure with what!

Front yard

Last weekend we took out the big yellow bush (on the right side of the porch) and replaced it with some new greenery. It looks FABULOUS now!!!

The "during"

The "After"

A couple Indian Hawthornes, Dwarf Youpons and blue Fescue grass complete our
front porch area.

Now we just have to work on that sad mailbox....

OH - does anyone have any suggestions to make our house a little less "boring"?
We are thinking maybe adding some shutters to the windows and a big Texas Star
in the middle... what do you think???

Big Boy Undies

Gavin is officially nearing the end of this potty training fiasco. He wore his Big Boy Undies to school yesterday and only had ONE accident!!! They were outside playing and he just couldn't make it to the potty on time. But HEY... that's some SUPER progress!! So we will see how today goes and I will keep yall updated :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Some photos for you....

Here's some of our BEST WEEKEND EVAH pictures...
I'm also going to give you our Wal-Mart pictures webpage so you can mosey on over there and check out all the pictures! They are super fun :)
I would like to add a slideshow - but I can NOT figure out how to get it in the actual post... without putting it as a separate thing. Anyone out there that knows how???? Let me know :)

At Chuck E Cheese

Gavin LOVED the penguins!

The Duncan kiddos with the penguins

The Main Attraction

She forced me on the water slide.... BRRRRRRRRR
*but it was fun!!!*

The baby was worn out!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Stay tuned...

We are currently in the middle of the BEST WEEKEND EVAH!!!! As soon as the weekend is finished and I get all the picts together and organized, I will post. So stay tuned.....

(Here's some clues as to what we are doing)

My kid...

...he's funny!

Doin our part for the planet

Meet our new tree...

A beautiful Texas Ash

Flowered up...

Last weekend I finally bought me some flowers and added some color to the front of our house. We still have some stuff we want to do to the front yard (which I will post as we do it) like change out our mailbox and do a little flower area around that, and we are going to plant a tree in the front and do a little flower area around that. Plus that nasty yellow bush thingy is GOING away... and soon!! So we will plant some stuff there too.

Garden Visitor

I was working in our little backyard garden last weekend, when I picked up a rock and found this....

Somehow, I managed not to *SCREAM* but I did yell at Danny who came over and killed it (hehehhe... after I ran in and grabbed the camera :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Gavin & Demi

Big Buds

You're in BIG trouble Mister!!!

Toes & fingers COVERED!

Brand new duvet cover

What he got into!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sleepy Baby

Sunday night I put Gavin in the bathtub and I was folding laundry in the bedroom. He yelled and told me he was cold so I shut the door. Well he got pretty quiet a few minutes later so I went in to check on him. He was laying perpendicular in the tub driving a car around on his belly. So I went back to folding clothes. A few moments later I noticed he was quiet again so I went in again to check on him. HE WAS ASLEEP!!! Laying in the bathtub, arms to the side, legs all sprawled out, asleep!!! The water was up around his ears so after I hollered at Danny to come look at him, I washed his hair and his body while he slept. Apparently I was bothering him because he tried to roll over but of course couldn't find a spot that the water wasn't on his face. So he kept moving further up the bathtub. Finally his nose went under and he woke up and started crying. So we got him out of the tub, dried him off and clothed him. He kept saying "I wanna hold you" so I carried him in the living room and laid him on me while I read a book. About 5 seconds later... he was WIDE AWAKE!!!! Did NOT want to go to sleep after that! Anyway... after still freaking out yesterday about him falling asleep in the tub - I will NOT close the door anymore and I'm so glad I kept checking on him when I did. What a nut!!!!!


Yesterday morning Gavin was snuggling with me in bed while his daddy was getting ready for work. He rolled over and said "Mommy, you my best friend" and kissed my nose. Awwwwwwww.....