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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Rarely am I rendered speechless. It happened last night. I went to Brookshires to get a few things like salad stuff, breakfast stuff, diet cokes, pull-ups, & white powdered donuts and I grabbed a little candy for Gavin at the check out. So the cashier is ringing me up and ... well... here is our conversation.

Cashier: Is all this sugar for a toddler?

Me: Ummm I'm sorry?

Cashier: Are you buying all this sugar for a toddler?

Me: (dumbfounded... speechless - staring at her like shes crazy)
about 10 seconds later...
Me: the donuts are for my son to go to sleep

Cashier: You give your son donuts to get him to go to sleep?

Me: (again - dumbfounded and speechless for a moment) No. If you must know, we just bought a house, he just got a new toddler bed, the donuts are to bribe him to sleep through the night in his bed then if he does, he gets a donut in the morning.

Cashier: Wow. Don't you wish all toddlers were that easy?

Me: (again - dumbfounded and speechless for a moment) He's not that easy. By any stretch of the imagination.

(What I wanted to add was... "And next time I need parenting advice from a 20 year old, I'll come find you!")

I almost punched her :)

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Shelley Duncan said...

I would of punched her too! Good for you in keeping your cool!