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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Moving Day!!!

Friday we FINALLY started moving into our house! ~YAY~ My mom and Darcy were here to help us so we got the entire contents of our HUGE storage shed empty by 8:00 Saturday night! Now its all just piled in my house. (Let me just explain how much "stuff" me, Danny & Gavin have. When we moved from Austin to Brownwood - it took the biggest UHaul truck that they have, the backs of 4 pickups, and a small UHaul trailer to get it all. Then we still had stuff stored in other people's garages that we had to get.) Okay... I admit, I didnt do a lot of the actual "moving" of the furniture and boxes. I mainly stayed at the house and unpacked what the boys already brought over. So its now Sunday evening and this is what my house looks like:
The green room - after making a HUGE dent
in all of the boxes and stuff!!!
(Yes, it was even more full than this!)

The guest bedroom

Our desk
(see that box under the desk - piled high? that is
full to the brim of *framed photos*!! I'm thinking I need
to sort thru those :)


More kitchen

My room - right after they put the bed up

My room - now!
Can't hardly even see the bed :)

Living room - My cross wall is all put up!
(hey... first things first!)

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