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Friday, March 6, 2009

More "Durings"

We are getting pretty darn close to "afters" but until the room looks just how I want it - I'm still calling them "durings". So here are more of the things we have been working on....

We got our new back door installed Wednesday and finished
it up with molding and all last night.

More light switches that I installed last weekend.
(these kind Denise bought for me - thanks Huney!!)

Gavin's new switch & cover. Plus the hangy-down thing is for him to be able
to reach his own light. SSSSSSSSSSoooooooooooo helpful and makes him
feel more independent. We have one in the bathroom too!

New shower curtain & bath mat.
Matches the paint beautifully!!!

Gavin's new step stool for the bathroom.

New living room ceiling fan.

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