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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Weigh-in #6

Another week - another weigh in. And this one wasn't very good. I only lost .8 pounds.... but at least I LOST! I think I'm really getting tired of this whole dieting thing and my will power is waivering... A LOT! So I didn't do so well on my eating this weekend. In fact I didn't do good at all. LOTS of fast-fattening food. But hopefully I will keep up the eating better and keep losing weight. Even if its only less than a pound a week. They did run our totals for the office and I've lost 6.53% of my body weight! All together our office has lost 162 pounds!!! That's a whole person :)
* And this week's winner was Lorena again! I am starting to think shes putting marbles in her pockets and taking a little out each week so she loses the most. I'm telling you... this girl is TINY. I have no idea where all this weight loss is coming from! But she's doing great and apparently her husband has been making her exercise and eat good. So WELL DONE LoBob!!!

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