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Monday, February 16, 2009

More "Durings"

Week 4 of our total remodel brought lots of tile. And more paint. And even more aggravation by me! I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO flippin ready to move-into this house that we spend so much time & energy at.... that I'm about to go loco! I know that we will have pretty much a brand new house when we are done so its worth it. I'm just ready to be in it already!!! I have totally given up setting a date for our move-in but I will let you know once I know. We have to finish the tile, lay the hardwood floors and finish painting - then we can move in. I really only have a little painting left to do... our master bath, the laundry/pantry area, and some random trim & touch-ups. We did have some help this weekend which was AWESOME! The Christian's came into town so they brought their crew over and helped out. John helped Danny & Edward with the tile, Christy helped me paint, and of course Chloe & Cameron entertained Gavin. It was a pretty productive weekend all-in-all. So stay tuned... we are getting ready for all the good stuff!!!

Tile in the kitchen
(just started being grouted)

Tile in the main bathroom
(without grout)

Master bathroom is going to be white on top and
our bedroom red on bottom - with a chair rail hiding the
line. (Notice Gavin was helping me paint :)

Gavin's new "big boy bed". I found it on Craigslist
so his Nana went and got it and the new "whoo-whoo" bedding
for him. He LOVES it (now hopefully he
will just sleep in it!) Thanks Nana!!!

Our new front door. Its so pretty!
(You can't tell from the picture but while they were
installing it, a big wind came and knocked it down. Put
a nice dent in the door and a little hole in my wall!!!!)

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