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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

More "Durings" - week 3

Carpet dude installed the small bedrooms carpet today (Wed) and will install the master bedroom tomorrow. We officially have our hardwood floors and will be getting our ceramic tile tomorrow. I am, of course, still painting. Although we had a SUPER crew here this past weekend helping out (my Momma, Denise, Pat, Kristi & Shooter, Edward and Darcy); we didn't quite get all the painting done. Mainly all we have left is the white trim in a couple of rooms. The master bath still needs ALL its paint and the laundry room/pantry area is the same. So not TOO much left to do. Once the flooring is complete, it will be MOVE IN DAY!!! YAY!!!!
Guest bedroom (completely done!!)

Main bathroom

My closet (same green as bonus room)

Master bathroom (still a "before")

Master bedroom with carpet pad

Kitchen finally painted! (called Fountain Spout)
Its a little "wow-y-er" than I thought!!
I can't wait to paint the cabinets... but that can wait
till we get moved in!

My beautiful flooring:
Carpet - in the 3 bedrooms
Wood - living room, foyer & hall
Ceramic tile - kitchen, both bathrooms
(Dont they look just 'smashing' together?!?!)

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