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Monday, February 23, 2009

He's not ALL Burchett....

So my kid finally has some trait of me!! and its the best trait EVER! **FRECKLES**!!! Danny & I have been noticing that Gavin has some dark patches of freckles on his hands but other than the rare find on his body - he really doesn't have any mass freckles like me or my mom do. Until now. Saturday night, I was washing his face like I always do before bed, and noticed a spot on his little cheek. After trying to rub it clean, I noticed it was a FRECKLE! And upon further inspection - he has quite a few of them. A nice little spattering on his chubby cheeks and cute little button nose and even some up on his temples and forehead area :) So when I texted my mom and told her I couldn't wait for her to see his freckles, she wrote me back and said "well at least we now know he's not ALL Burchett!!" Anyway, I thought it was funny. Someday when I get around someone with a great camera that will take a really upclose shot - I will post some pictures.

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Our Crazy Family said...

Oh my gosh! That's awesome! I kinda knew he would have to get some freckles someday=) I can't wait to see them!