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Monday, February 23, 2009

He's not ALL Burchett....

So my kid finally has some trait of me!! and its the best trait EVER! **FRECKLES**!!! Danny & I have been noticing that Gavin has some dark patches of freckles on his hands but other than the rare find on his body - he really doesn't have any mass freckles like me or my mom do. Until now. Saturday night, I was washing his face like I always do before bed, and noticed a spot on his little cheek. After trying to rub it clean, I noticed it was a FRECKLE! And upon further inspection - he has quite a few of them. A nice little spattering on his chubby cheeks and cute little button nose and even some up on his temples and forehead area :) So when I texted my mom and told her I couldn't wait for her to see his freckles, she wrote me back and said "well at least we now know he's not ALL Burchett!!" Anyway, I thought it was funny. Someday when I get around someone with a great camera that will take a really upclose shot - I will post some pictures.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hardwood Floors

We are in the middle of installing our hardwood floors this weekend. Here's a sneak peak at how its coming....
Putting the concrete liner (moisture barrier) down.

The white is the padding and insulator. And
we've got one whole plank laid.

Ohhhhhh its gonna look SOOOOOOOOO good!!!

*Just want to send a BIG O' THANK YOU to K.G. for
coming over and helping the guys get the floor started.

More "Durings"

I have a small window of time right now to post some pictures of things we have been working on so far this weekend. My brother-in-law is in town so he has been helping out - Thanks Darcy!!!
Started laying the tile in the master bath.
And got the first coat of red paint on.

Cleaned and polished the cabinets.
They look SO much better!!!

Added new silver hardware.

Notice my door is no longer BLUE!! yay :)

Finished painting the laundry / pantry area.

Got our new potty installed.
(If you know me pretty well, you know that potties
are a pretty big deal in my life and this one is
SO COOL!!! It even has an anti-slam lid on it!
Thanks Edward :)

He's so {cute}

The other morning while still in bed, Gavin was loving on Casey.

Gavin: "Cakey cute"
Me: "yes she is"
Gavin: "me cute too"
Me (after I finally stopped laughing): "yes, baby, you are"

I just never know what's coming out of his mouth next :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sales Department

A picture of my department peeps.
(Left to right: Sandra, Maria, Terry, Me & Teena)

Weigh-in #6

Another week - another weigh in. And this one wasn't very good. I only lost .8 pounds.... but at least I LOST! I think I'm really getting tired of this whole dieting thing and my will power is waivering... A LOT! So I didn't do so well on my eating this weekend. In fact I didn't do good at all. LOTS of fast-fattening food. But hopefully I will keep up the eating better and keep losing weight. Even if its only less than a pound a week. They did run our totals for the office and I've lost 6.53% of my body weight! All together our office has lost 162 pounds!!! That's a whole person :)
* And this week's winner was Lorena again! I am starting to think shes putting marbles in her pockets and taking a little out each week so she loses the most. I'm telling you... this girl is TINY. I have no idea where all this weight loss is coming from! But she's doing great and apparently her husband has been making her exercise and eat good. So WELL DONE LoBob!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Gavin, Chloe & Cameron

We had some help this weekend from the Christian's - John & Christy, their son Cameron and daughter Chloe. Cameron is 8 and Chloe is 2 months younger than Gav, so they play very well together. They watched Gavin's new Little Einstein's movie and played outside on our new (but not put together) elephant fountain. *Shout out to Granny Pat & Papa Joe - thanks for the fountain... we LOVE it!!!*

More "Durings"

Week 4 of our total remodel brought lots of tile. And more paint. And even more aggravation by me! I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO flippin ready to move-into this house that we spend so much time & energy at.... that I'm about to go loco! I know that we will have pretty much a brand new house when we are done so its worth it. I'm just ready to be in it already!!! I have totally given up setting a date for our move-in but I will let you know once I know. We have to finish the tile, lay the hardwood floors and finish painting - then we can move in. I really only have a little painting left to do... our master bath, the laundry/pantry area, and some random trim & touch-ups. We did have some help this weekend which was AWESOME! The Christian's came into town so they brought their crew over and helped out. John helped Danny & Edward with the tile, Christy helped me paint, and of course Chloe & Cameron entertained Gavin. It was a pretty productive weekend all-in-all. So stay tuned... we are getting ready for all the good stuff!!!

Tile in the kitchen
(just started being grouted)

Tile in the main bathroom
(without grout)

Master bathroom is going to be white on top and
our bedroom red on bottom - with a chair rail hiding the
line. (Notice Gavin was helping me paint :)

Gavin's new "big boy bed". I found it on Craigslist
so his Nana went and got it and the new "whoo-whoo" bedding
for him. He LOVES it (now hopefully he
will just sleep in it!) Thanks Nana!!!

Our new front door. Its so pretty!
(You can't tell from the picture but while they were
installing it, a big wind came and knocked it down. Put
a nice dent in the door and a little hole in my wall!!!!)

Our Backyard

It was relatively okay outside this weekend so I wandered around our humongous backyard and took some pictures. These are DEFINITELY "befores".... we have soooooooooo much planned for all our space! Mostly anything we can do to lower the amount of actual mowing :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

More "Durings" - week 3

Carpet dude installed the small bedrooms carpet today (Wed) and will install the master bedroom tomorrow. We officially have our hardwood floors and will be getting our ceramic tile tomorrow. I am, of course, still painting. Although we had a SUPER crew here this past weekend helping out (my Momma, Denise, Pat, Kristi & Shooter, Edward and Darcy); we didn't quite get all the painting done. Mainly all we have left is the white trim in a couple of rooms. The master bath still needs ALL its paint and the laundry room/pantry area is the same. So not TOO much left to do. Once the flooring is complete, it will be MOVE IN DAY!!! YAY!!!!
Guest bedroom (completely done!!)

Main bathroom

My closet (same green as bonus room)

Master bathroom (still a "before")

Master bedroom with carpet pad

Kitchen finally painted! (called Fountain Spout)
Its a little "wow-y-er" than I thought!!
I can't wait to paint the cabinets... but that can wait
till we get moved in!

My beautiful flooring:
Carpet - in the 3 bedrooms
Wood - living room, foyer & hall
Ceramic tile - kitchen, both bathrooms
(Dont they look just 'smashing' together?!?!)


Last night we met Denise in Lampasas to get our flooring. She graciously went out of her way to go to Round Rock to pick up our flooring and meet us in Lampasas to get it. We ate at Dairy Queen and had a great time chatting while Gavin ran around like a crazy. While Denise & Danny were moving the flooring from one truck to another, me & Gavin were looking at the water and watching the ducks.

All 17 boxes of flooring and 6 rolls of liner & foam

View from the front seat

My sweet little boy

Gavin the Photographer

Gavin was taking pictures of us the other night. (Notice how we are squatting... he tends to aim low!)

Weigh-in #5

Another week - another pound! I lost 1.4 pounds this past week. Which brings my total weight loss up to 8.6 pounds :) I'm still not exercising but I plan to as soon as all this house mess is over. Right now I'm just eating better and making better choices. I ate really bad this past weekend but I still ate less and made better choices. For example - we eat at Sonic at least one breakfast per weekend. I always get a ham toaster with no egg (which is basically a hot ham & cheese on texas toast) and a large sweet tea. But now I take one of the pieces of bread off and I get a half sweet / half unsweet tea. So that cuts down on the calorie count. Then at Wendy's I usually get a #1 cheeseburger, fries and a coke. Now I get a kid's meal cheeseburger, give my fries to Gavin (he always gets the mandarin oranges with his meal) and I order a water. So see.... better choices. And I guess its really helping. I do eat rather well during the week. I either eat a Lean Cuisine or grilled chicken and a salad for lunch and for dinner I eat a Lean Pocket (at least right now while we are so busy with the house... its fast!) Anyway, if anyone has any tips to share... please do!!
** PS - our winner this week is the tinyest person in our office - Lorena! She lost 4 pounds this week :) Way to go girly!!!

Way to go Maria!!!

One of our favorite agent's wife fell and broke her hip a couple of weeks ago. So Maria made her this quilt as a Get Well present. We are all so very proud of Maria.... this is her first quilt!!! And its beautiful! I know Mrs. Biddy LOVED it!!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Conversation with Gavin

On our way home from Daycare:

Me: Gavin, your daddy is in a bad mood today
Gavin: Daddy's in the MOON? (pointing to the sky)
Me: No, your daddy is in a BAD MOOD today
Gavin: Daddy's in a bad MOON?
Me: No, Gavin, your daddy is in a ugly mood-d-d-d; hes grumpy
Gavin: oh okay

So we get to the house and Gavin goes up to his daddy and says:
Daddy, you in a ugly moon?

Anyway - I thought it was funny and I would share it with you :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Weigh-in #4

Well we weighed-in again yesterday. I have lost another 1.6 pounds!! Thats 7.2 pounds all together :) Whhhhhooooooo-hoooooooo!!! I'm so very proud of myself! I have really been watching what I eat and my willpower has finally kicked in... after 30 years :) I can definitely tell I'm losing because my jeans are baggy and I've lost a whole belt hole! A friend of mine gave me some jeans that were 1 size too small and now I can fit them! Yay me!!!!
* This week's winner was Craig. I think he lost 3 pounds this week but overall has lost more than 20 pounds! He's doing great :)
(Danny has drug out some of my old jeans that I haven't been able to wear since I got pregnant - I keep staring at them but am still afraid to try them on. I will keep you posted if and when I actually do try them on!)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Meet Demi

My mom got a new puppy yesterday. She is part Boston Terrier and part Boxer. Isn't she beautiful??? I will get to meet her this weekend when her and my Mom come help with the house. YAY!! Awwww.... her & Emma will get to play :)

More "During's"...

Here's what we've been up to this past week....

The foyer - before

The foyer - after
(still need our new door)

Master bedroom - done with the red... now just have to paint the trim.

Gavin's super cool new ceiling fan/light that Pa got him.

More "during" of the bonus room.
(Notice it now has carpet!)

Gavin helping paint on my FINISHED wall!!

Gavin and Daddy chillin' while I get stuff ready to head back to Pa's.

I had a work conference this past weekend on Friday & Saturday so we lost 2 days of house work. So now we have pushed back our move-in date to Feb 13. At least we can spend our first night in our house on Valentine's :)