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Monday, January 26, 2009

New Homeowners!!!

YAY - last Tuesday, Danny & I signed our first papers as Homeowners!!! We sat in an attorney's office for 20 minutes and signed away the next 30 years of our lives :) And we couldn't be more excited!!! Our new abode features 3 bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms, an enclosed garage, and a HUGE yard. We have a lot of work to do - the previous owner was a smoker so we are having to "Kilz" every surface in the home. After that we will paint the colors on the wall, get ALL new flooring and finally... start moving in. Our projected move-in date as of now is the weekend of February 6. So we have 3 weeks and 3 weekends to get all our "have-to's" done. Then once we get moved in and settled, we can start working on the other projects we want to do - a walk-in pantry, replace the kitchen counters, replace the bathtub/shower plastic thing with a tiled one, replace the bathroom vanitys, redo the entire back yard, fix up the curb appeal, etc, etc, etc. I will be posting pictures as we move along.
Here are some of the BEFORE pictures.... (actually before we even closed - and yes, they have gotten all the stuff out of the house)
front of the house

living room - that's the back door that leads to the yard


master bedroom - thats danny's closet that you see
(mine is a little bigger to the left)

bonus room (enclosed garage)

I will try to post pictures each week so yall can see how far we've come.

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