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Sunday, December 7, 2008

"Patsy" go bye-bye

Gavin: Where my patsy go?

Me: Remember last Friday you fed it to Ladybug and she ate and now its in her tummy?

Gavin: Lay-bug tummy?

Me: Yup

Gavin: My patsy go bye-bye?

Me: Yep! You are officially a big boy now!!!! YAY!!! High 5 :)

Last Friday while out at Granny Pat & Papa JoeJoe's (Denise's parents) Gavin fed his patsy (what he calls his pacifier) to their dog, Ladybug. Well Ladybug didnt actually eat it but we told Gavin that and he has been totally okay with it ever since! YAY!!!

Then last night he comes out of his room sucking on a green one that he found in his toy-box! I immediately yanked it out of his mouth and said, "Wanna go throw it in the fire?" Gavin was very excited about that, so we took it out to the chiminaea and threw it in and watched it burn. NO MORE PATSYS!!!!

Next stop..... serious potty training!!

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