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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Shelley!!

29th to be exact! We had a great time with Shell and her kiddos. Denise even surprised her with an ice cream cake :) YUMMY!!!!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Santa Clause

Since Gavin was born we take him to see the Santa at Barton Creek Mall in Austin. Each year he has been the same guy. Except this year there was a new one. But thats okay... he still did a great job!!! Gavin told him he wanted a bicycle and a puzzle.

Takin a ride on the Choo-Train

While we were waiting in line to see Santa, Gavin & JaKobie took a ride on the Choo-train. Of course they LOVED it!!!!

Bartlett Cocke Christmas Party

I know I am WAY late posting these pictures.... but a couple of weeks ago I headed to Austin for Denise's company's Christmas Party. It was held downtown on 6th Street at the Driskill Hotel. BEA-U-TIFUL!!! We had a BLAST!! Free drinks, free food, dancing and mingling... what more could you ask for???
Denise, Shelley & Me arriving at the Hotel

Aren't we pretty??

My new BFF Amy

Drink of choice: Cosmo's

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Gavin's Name Gallery

A few months ago, I sent out an email to some friends & family and asked them to find a constructive way to display Gavin's name and take a picture. Well, here are some of the results! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!! I plan on putting together a collage of them for Gavin and hang it in his room.
If you want to send me one, *PLEASE* do! I want as many as I can get in all variations!!! Plus I will continue to add to this posting! So check back later :)
Thank you so much to those who have helped me out with this project!!

This one was done by Ronnie (my mother-in-law).

See if you can find the six words that are hidden!

This was taken 11/17/08 in Sanibel, FL by my cousin Andrea.

Lee-Lee (Gavin's daycare lady in Austin) did this one just for him!

And of course, since she works in Construction - Denise did this one!!

This picture was taken by Ronnie's best friend Tammy and then she photoshopped his name in the sign.

My cousin Amanda took this one in Fort Wainwright, Alaska! Brrrr :)

I did this one at work one day!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Parade

Last night was the downtown Christmas Parade. Gavin, Mia & I met up with Brent, Kristi & Shooter to enjoy the lights. It was cold but lots of fun!!

"Patsy" go bye-bye

Gavin: Where my patsy go?

Me: Remember last Friday you fed it to Ladybug and she ate and now its in her tummy?

Gavin: Lay-bug tummy?

Me: Yup

Gavin: My patsy go bye-bye?

Me: Yep! You are officially a big boy now!!!! YAY!!! High 5 :)

Last Friday while out at Granny Pat & Papa JoeJoe's (Denise's parents) Gavin fed his patsy (what he calls his pacifier) to their dog, Ladybug. Well Ladybug didnt actually eat it but we told Gavin that and he has been totally okay with it ever since! YAY!!!

Then last night he comes out of his room sucking on a green one that he found in his toy-box! I immediately yanked it out of his mouth and said, "Wanna go throw it in the fire?" Gavin was very excited about that, so we took it out to the chiminaea and threw it in and watched it burn. NO MORE PATSYS!!!!

Next stop..... serious potty training!!

Pictures at Daycare

A photographer went to Gavin's daycare a couple of weeks and took some pictures of the kiddos. So of course, I had to get Gavin dressed up in his nicest shirt (plus this one makes his eyes look really blue!!) Here are some pictures from that morning before we were off to daycare.

His picture turned out FANTASTIC!!!
As soon as I get them I will scan and post so yall can see :)