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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I Want to Move It, Move It....

Saturday was a BIG day! and Boy was I nervous!!! I had made the executive decision back in August that I would take Gavin to see Madagascar 2 once it hit theatres. Well it came a little faster than I thought! So Saturday was Gavin's FIRST theatre movie! Papa Joe, Granny Pat, Denise, Dustin, Shelley, Dominique, Skyler, Jakobie, me & Gavin ALL went to the movies. (YES we are crazy for taking 4 children ages 2-9 to the movies together at the same time!!) But Gavin did rather well I must admit :)

He watched (and yes! actually sat still) through probably the first hour of the movie. Then he played musical chairs between me & Dustin.

Finally he went down to Denise & Shelley and they let him get down in the front of the theatre and run around. After Denise had to chase him up the stairs, he finally sat down for the last 10 minutes. Afterwards while we waited for the crowd to clear out, the kiddos got down in the front and danced to the "Move It, Move It" song.

It turned out to be a success! We celebrated by going to Logan's for dinner :)

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Our Crazy Family said...

oh my gosh you are brave! i'm not ready for that!