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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Mimi

Monday was my Mimi's 87th birthday! Yet she doesn't look a day over 70!
Let's hope I get them good genes :)
For her birthday, my mom & I got her tickets to a Dallas Mavericks game. Now, you're probably thinking... "What would an 87 year old woman want with tickets to a professional basketball game?" Well, let me tell you. My Mimi is a HUGE (yes, HUGE) sportsfan! She doesn't miss a game of the Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Mavericks or any golf game including Tiger Woods. And she has mentioned to me SEVERAL times how she would love to see a game in person. So we got her tickets for her birthday. My mom, my Mimi, me & Denise will be attending the Dallas Mavs vs Orlando Magic basketball game on Friday Nov 14. How fun is that???? I will take lots of pictures and post when we get home.

(Of course, she had to have help opening her present!)

(We got her the Nerf Basketball to kinda lead up to it... she didn't get it!)

Look how excited she is :)

PS - these tickets say $9 but they SO WERE NOT ONLY $9... according to the Mav's Customer Service Rep, they put $9 on the tickets so when husbands buy tickets, wives don't look at the cost and freak out! Seriously. Thats exactly what the Rep told my mom when she called!!! :)

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