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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Kohler Picnic

Saturday we went to Edward's company picnic at Riverside Park. There were tons of things for the kids to do... including 3 Big Bouncy Castles, a coin toss, a pinata, ice cream, sno cones, etc. Gavin loved the bouncy castles...until the bigger kids got in and kept bouncing him too much. We finally plucked him outta there before he got hurt. Then they did the Coin Toss. They have bales of hay lined up in a square with spread-out hay in the middle. They then toss coins (probably $10 worth of quarters, nickels and dimes) all in the hay for the kids to dig for... they get a minute to get as many coins as they can find. Mostly all you hear is the parents coaching their children (well except Gavin's because Mommy had laryngitis and couldnt talk, much less coach!) So luckely... Sandra was there :) She coached Gavin to move the grass around and find the buttons (which Gavin calls coins). And lo and behold, he came out a Winner! He found 1 quarter and 2 sticks!!! He was soooooooooo excited!! Thanks Sandra for being my voice and helping out Gavin!
After all the commotion, we went down to see the geese. They were so pretty and noisy... dang those things are noisy! After all, it was a good day. Definitely wouldve been better if I could talk...but Danny did a good job translating for me :)

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