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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Neicey's Weekend

*Continued from Nana's Playhouse Week*

Friday night during dinner, Denise & I were thuroughly entertained by the Gavinator at Chick-fil-a. We played for at least an hour in the kiddie-area. Denise & I even took turns sliding down the big squirley-slide with him!!! Then Saturday we ran some errands then met Jeannette & Brandon and Shelley & her kiddos at the Lakeway Pool. That is the BEST pool EVER! Its perfect for little ones. So much stuff to do for them!!!! Then Sunday morning we met Jeannette, Brandon, Jessica, Dominik, Ariana & Momma Julie for breakfast at IHOP (YUMMY) where we were once again entertained by Gavin & Brandon this time!!! Then to burn off some calories and energy, we headed for the SouthPark Meadows Park where the kids played in the water-squirter-uppy things and all the big playscapes. After about an hour of that, we finally headed home! Much to Danny's delight...it had been a whole week since he had seen Gavin!!! Needless to say...he slept the whole way home!!!!

**Thanks to Neicey for taking such awesome pictures of our little ones***

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