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Thursday, August 7, 2008

It's official.... I'm 30!!!

Well its the end of today. The day I have been dreading for at least 10 years...and I only say 10 because before you turn 20 you NEVER think YOU will actually turn 30. At least I didn't. I thought 30 is for old people. I will never be that old. And here we are today. And I have to admit....its not terribly bad. I still have a wonderful family and amazing friends that still think my birthday is a big deal...even after 30 of them! And I am so thankful for because without them, I wouldn't make it through each day to have even made it to 30. So thank you to my wonderful friends and family that sent me Happy Birthday texts, emails, ecards, myspace messages and the 2 that actually even called me!!! I love yall and I would be nothing (yes nothing) without you!!!!

So.... here's to being 30. Thirty... Flirty... and Thriving!!!

And thank you to Maria...the cupcake was a delicious treat :)

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