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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Party Weekend - Friday

The weekend definitely didn't start out as planned! While on our (me & Teresa) way to Bangs to pick up Gavin's cake, I had a wreck :( Right in front of Northwest Elementary there are some apartments and this 18 yr old girl just pulled smack out in front of me. I tried my hardest not to hit her but there was nothing I could do. So I t-boned her and with the looks of it...I am pretty sure I broke her front axle. Everyone was okay... Thank God. And Gavin wasn't with me.... Thank God. But still. I was alot calmer than I ever imagined I would be! This was my first wreck ever. So it was pretty scary. But the police officer was very nice and Ms. 18-yr-old was very apologetic and cried alot so it was hard for me to be angry with her. Anyway, we finally got to Bangs to pick up the cake and it is AWESOME! The bakery did a super job and there were no issues on the way home :) Thank God!

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